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          Topspin Table Tennis Club is owned and operated by Head Coach, US Open Champion and US National Development Coach Liu Nai Hui. Her dream is to bring the sport of table tennis to the US and promote it all over the world. Table tennis improves health, discipline, motor skills, and is a great way to meet or interact with people in a casual, friendly environment. Many major business corporations often have cross-functional events and table tennis, aka 'ping pong', is a great way to build relations and network. Top universities now have table tennis teams and look for bright, talented students who also excel in something other than academics. Table tennis is a difficult sport to master, but rising to the top presents great opportunities and often fosters a desire to learn and practice in a focused manner, thereby improving other aspects of learning and healthy living.



         The club features professional table tennis floor (red) and Joola 3000 SC international competition tables, which is the identical one used for US Open, US Nationals, North American Teams and many other top level tournaments. The club is  located Hillsborough, NJ near Highway 206. Easy access and free parking. Distance from major traffic creates a safe environment for children.  We encourage friends, family, and anyone to pick up a racket or request to order one, and stop by to have fun playing a really addicting game. We offer daily, monthly, and annual memberships, as well as individual and group lessons. We open Monday - Sunday for greater availability. If you'd like to sign up for lessons or have any questions, feel free to contact us using our Contact page.

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